Performance Marketing: Unprecedented RTB Members Area Auction Starts NOW via Adnium

Earn the most money right now by acquiring new customers from a pool that only includes people who actually pay for products! Get your products in front of users who are ready and willing to pay, and wanting to buy! The Adnium team is proud to unveil Members Area Real Time Bidding, their latest tool for performance marketing optimization.

Now, for the first time ever, is making Real Time Bidding possible on Members Area traffic from the best membership sites on the planet including: Dating Gold, Adult Friend Finder, Xpickup, and many others. These brands are renowned for the quality of their users and now Adnium is giving you the opportunity to tap into a revenue source formerly reserved for only a select few.

“Members area traffic is the focus of every top media buyer,” explained Luke Hazlewood, CEO of parent company Grand Slam Media, driving force behind Adnium, “because Members Area traffic has unparalleled revenue generation and conversion ratios. Adnium is putting millions of prequalified users on the block and it’s quickly proving to be the most effective method of customer acquisition.”

Adnium’s forward-thinking and innovative approach is why some of the industry’s most prominent and influential companies have opted to be part of this historical event. “At FriendFinder Networks, we are always interested in testing new technologies.  Our leadership embraces the concept of RTB systems for both buying and selling ad inventory.  We are excited to participate in the launch of Grand Slam Media’s new Adnium system and believe that the technology can move the industry forward in establishing automated, fair pricing practices in online advertising inventory management for the adult space.  We look forward to working with Grand Slam and their advertisers in optimizing and maximizing revenue for all parties involved,” said Chad W, the leader of FriendFinder Networks’ monetization team.

Even the best media buyers have run out of Members Area traffic sources long before they exhaust their ad buy budgets. Now, with Adnium, you can buy as much Members Area traffic as any Advertiser would ever want – and the platform goes even further to help you optimize each ad buy by allowing you to select specific demographics across the world’s best known Publisher brands and best converting geographical areas.

“Working with premier companies like FriendFinder Networks, DatingGold Xpickup, and many other top quality Publishers is what fueled this new evolution in traffic sales,” said Ian Lester, Chief Technology Officer. “We have direct access to all the paid customer traffic Advertisers want, and now Adnium has the tools to support real time auctions with a level of specificity that was previously impossible.”

The advertising landscape is rapidly changing and Adnium is navigating the competitive market vigilantly and with extreme awareness and understanding of what it takes for publishers and advertisers to thrive. Today, adjust your spend from merely blanketing the online adult entertainment canvas with your brand, to budgeting to buy paying customer members area traffic instead from Adnium and see how lucrative the return on investment can be.

For more information on becoming an Adnium partner (as either an advertiser or publisher) sign up at HERE or contact your sales rep at [email protected] to get connected with one of our highly specialized associates.

Posted on June 25, 2015 in Education, News

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