Wasting Money on Advertising that Is Never Seen? STOP!!!

They’ve Already Wasted More Than 6 Billion Dollars On Bad Ads…Here’s How To Avoid Making The Same Mistakes!

Recent research is quickly piling up and pointing out the exact same mistakes being made by novices in what some are calling more than $6,000,000,000 (SIX BILLION) of invisible ads that have been bought online already. According to Incapsula 61.5% of the traffic companies paid for came from useless bots, and as the Wall Street Journal reported, 54% of the ads shown to human traffic appeared off the visible area of the page where they served no significant purpose.

Why would an online traffic resource with an ad network be telling you all this?

We show you what isn’t working, because Grand Slam Media is different and everything we do is aimed at ensuring your performance marketing is on point and proving profitable to you!

Take a gander at Adnium – the state of the art traffic network that uses advanced CPMv technology to verify your ad creatives appear in the visible area of the page before they are counted. They don’t just make sure you are above the fold; they make sure you are in plain sight every single time your ad is placed! Additionally, they make use of a combination of carefully calibrated software algorithms and diligent human experts to pre-screen each of their traffic partners and all of the pages they publish to eliminate fraudulent bot traffic and inadvertent or erroneous bots alike.

When you understand the fact that Adnium ads reach many more actual people, it should come as no surprise that your ads also perform better and that their clients routinely earn an even better ROI. Add in the advanced tracking and placement options offered by Adnium, and the difference between a fine-tuned campaign with Adnium becomes the only logical choice for any serious media buyer seeking to earn more from every new ad placement or ongoing media campaign.

It’s as easy as contacting Adnium or speaking directly with your account executive to start reaching more humans and leave the rest to the same newbies who keep buying traffic from bots from other less vigilant traffic providers.


Posted on October 13, 2015 in News

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