Hitting the SWEET SPOT With Granular Keyword Targetting

Media Buyers are well aware that ad campaigns build on their own success. Running a great campaign brings in impressive conversion ratios, but perhaps even more importantly, a great campaign also returns a tremendous amount of useful information from each audience. Putting that information into action as you fine tune your creatives and tailor upcoming placements to suit the intricacies of each offer is essential if you want to earn the most from every ad spend.

One of our clients recently mentioned “the main issue is when I run one campaign in a certain niche I bring back a ton of data, but it’s hard for me to use that information to my advantage when I expand out to other niches” and we took action to address that challenge.

New Adnium Keyword Targeting allows each of our clients to place ads on a keyword basis, and since there are many terms that overlap multiple niches in the marketplace, placing ads along those marketing seams gives Adnium customers the competitive advantage by garnering information that is applicable to their current campaigns and future campaigns in other cross-over verticals as well.

Rather than using a scatter-gun approach to your first set of ads in a new sector and then gradually tightening your focus to hit your targets, or aiming narrowly at what you hope will yield the best results – Adnium Keyword Targeting allows every ad spend to be placed in the sweet spot where your returning revenue and your research results both benefit. For more information, contact your Adnium Account Executive and we’ll walk you through the many ways you can turn our keyword targeting tools into fresh cash in your accounts.

Posted on October 29, 2015 in Education, News

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