Adnium Targets Specific Traffic with Bidding by Placement

Adnium Targets Specific Traffic with Bidding by Placement

CANADA — In 2017, the key to successfully monetizing digital offers is optimizing every click. When ads are placed in campaigns that fail to account for the variance in value from one ad zone to another, success is unlikely. Each ad zone is its own unique traffic source, which is why Adnium has introduced its new Unique Bidding by Placement feature.

“Making more money means squeezing every click and conversion out of each ad buy, which is what Adnium helps our clients do best,” said Stephanie Hall of “Pick and choose precisely which ad zones you want to receive higher or lower bids, allocate your budget only where you’re converting, and bring home a much better ROI simply by making your campaigns more efficient with a few clicks in your Adnium account.”

“Publishers could always differentiate their ad zone on their sites and evaluate the value of each specific spot. Now, with Adnium Bidding by Placement Advertisers can do it, too,” explained Hall. “So, when you’re running a campaign where one zone is outperforming another, its worth more to you; but the other zone may still be worth something, as well. In makes perfect sense that bidding on each spot individually gets you the best ROI.”

To learn more and see the results of this powerful new traffic tool for yourself, visit Contact an account representative and begin optimizing all of your ad campaigns right now.



Posted on February 3, 2017 in News

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