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Fuckbook by the numbers

For those who are interested in learning more about advertising inventory on, we hope this provides a level of assistance that we’re happy to expand on, should you have any questions at all. For each zone listed below simply click on the adtype for a whitelist link.

Basic information at a glance:

  • Greater than 20% of fuckbook inventory comes from English speaking GEOs
  • India has the second largest footprint at over 8%
  • Nearly 90% of the traffic comes from mobile or tablet devices
  • Top OS’ include 63% android, with another 25% being iOS
  • 82% of English Speaking inventory is sold out!
  • Restrictions on ads: no escort, no punishment, no fake branding

A deeper look, per zone, listed in order of daily RTB spend:

MA Mobile 300×100 – roughly 15% of the US traffic on this zone is available for bidding and with an average CPM of nearly $4.00, top bidders can still garner a nice daily spend.

MA Mobile 300×250 – if it’s 300×250 traffic you’re after, then the mobile in-feed might be for you. You’ll want to be upwards of $2.50 for English speaking traffic and you should look to achieve a CTR of 0.50 or better to be on par with others.

MA Desktop 300×250 – fuckbook has a photos page 300×250, as well as side column banners (3). These banners appear on all device types so while it’s listed under MA ‘Desktop’, in fact, only 10% or so of the volume comes from desktop devices. **be sure to target your desired devices during campaign set up**. When looking at English speaking traffic, the average CPM for the top column is nearly $2.00, with that tapering down for the middle and bottom cubes respectively. The photos page carries the most volume, but the lowest average CPM (just over $0.40).

MA Mobile Pops – there isn’t much available in the RTB, but if you’re upwards of $50 CPM, you can still capture a daily spend of roughly $30. On the desktop side we’re more or less sold out, so check back at a later time for availability on that zone.

Best regards from the Adnium team and again, let us know if you have any questions, want to confirm your bid position, etc.

Posted on July 10, 2020 in Ad Traffic, Advertisers, News, Publisher

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