Grand Slam Media: Largest Member’s Area Traffic Source

Life’s Better Behind the Red Rope – GSM Now Offering Members Area Targeting

Adnium Feature: Referral Bonus

Earn Commission off your Network, with Adnium Referral Bonus

Adnium Feature: Referral Bonus Earn 5% of the LIFETIME revenue of publishers you refer to Adnium! Dear advertisers and media buyers, Start earning 5% lifetime revenue (as opposed to some networks, which payout on the first month only) on all of your publisher referrals today! To generate your unique affiliate URL, go to the bottom…

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Adnium Feature: Retargeting

Adnium: Revisiting Retargeting

Dear advertisers and media buyers, Retargeting converts window-shoppers into buyers, bringing back your lost audience. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online How does retargeting work? A visitor comes to your site They learn about your products but…

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Email Traffic

Buy Email Clicks through Adnium

Email Traffic Looking for more volume and a fresh approach to your Email Traffic campaigns? Click through to see how you can start earning on our premium email traffic. Buy Our Email Traffic Now!   Adnium is pleased to present : brand new email-click sources pre-optimized for your Email Traffic campaigns. Audiences are proven, pre-qualified,…

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XXXVogue’s Traffic Now in Adnium

Dear advertisers and media buyers, This week we’re featuring SEO powerhouse With over 4 million ad impressions per week and 0.80% CTR, this tube site is a top converter, especially on its U.S., German, and Russian traffic! Their steady stream of organic search traffic translates to higher user credibility, higher CTRs, and more conversions!…

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Bid on 4Chan’s traffic NOW in Adnium

HUGE NEWS FROM THE ADNIUM TEAM Get excited for 4chan’s mobile traffic! The world famous image board’s traffic can now be found inside Adnium! We’re bringing you over 15 million 4chan mobile impressions per week from top geos including US, UK and Germany. Ranked in the top 450 most popular sites by Alexa, which guarantees fresh users, leads, and conversions daily! Contact Dayna on Skype (daynagsmi) for…

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Adnium Targets Specific Traffic with Bidding by Placement

Adnium Targets Specific Traffic with Bidding by Placement

CANADA — In 2017, the key to successfully monetizing digital offers is optimizing every click. When ads are placed in campaigns that fail to account for the variance in value from one ad zone to another, success is unlikely. Each ad zone is its own unique traffic source, which is why Adnium has introduced its new Unique Bidding by…

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adnium youtube

Adnium Is Now On Youtube!

       Introducing: Adnium’s Youtube Channel   In order to enhance Adnium’s marketing and sales efforts, we have decided to launch our very own Youtube channel! Our ad network works hard to bring you the most lucrative and exclusive Member’s Area traffic, but we also want you to have up-to-date information on how to…

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Attention Super Affiliates and Media Buyers!

  You told us, “We want more members’ area traffic!” So more members’ area traffic is exactly what you’re getting! We’ve struck an exclusive partnership with PimpMansion to bring you one of their top dating properties HornyMatches. Brace yourself because here comes the kicker! You won’t be hindered by any banner restrictions so dust off those hardcore and dating…

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