Ad Viewability – CPMv: The New Standard for Accountable Advertising

Ad serving technology is continuously evolving. Recently, the concept of viewability has been a very hot topic amongst companies and individuals in digital advertising. It comes down to a simple question, what is the value of ads that never get viewed? The answer: there is none. Yet advertisers are being charged for them, and large…

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Gearing Up For XBIZ Miami June 1-4!

Three Questions Every Advertiser Should Be Asking Their Ad Network

It’s really easy when you’re chasing the CPA dragon to overlook some of the fundamental differences in how ad networks actually calculate what an ad “impression” is. While this term is used interchangeably across every ad network, how this unit of measurement is actually calculated varies drastically. This is especially true in the adult ad…

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Periscope vs. MeerKat – A Traffic Tool Learning Opportunity

A lot has been made recently of the new P2P live video sharing services Meerkat and Periscope. If you use Twitter to acquire traffic, you may have already noticed a flurry of tweets that contained links. Those links were published via a new iOS app named Meerkat that was designed to bring live video streaming to Twitter users and…

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Do Metrics Matter As Much As Money For Your Traffic Buy ROI?

In the past, media buying was mostly a matter of trial and error to establish the best traffic sources through a protracted campaign period and process of elimination methods. Now, many savvy media buyers are learning to use tracking tools and user metrics to put proactive protocols in place that substantially shorten the learning curve and…

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Programmatic Advertising Tips for Media Buyers In A Bid Based Market

Programmatic Advertising Tips for Media Buyers In A Bid Based Market “Spending on real time-bidded display advertising will accelerate at a 59% compound annual growth rate through 2016, making in the fastest growing segment of digital advertising over the next few years” according to the IDC. So what is Programmatic Branding and how can you get…

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House of Slam 2 Comes to Internext – Score The HOTTEST Ticket in Vegas

If you thought that the original House of Slam in New Orleans was an event to remember, get ready for an experience you will NEVER FORGET. This January, the entire Grand Slam Media team descends upon Vegas for Internext and brings you the most incredible lifestyle event that we will have thrown to date.  Mark your calendars and…

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Adnium – Self Serve Adult Advertising Platform

Signup here to start generating revenue now. What is Adnium? Adnium truly is the next generation adult ad network. We offer real time statistics, advanced targeting options, CPMv based billing, and advanced campaign optimization. Advertisers Adnium’s CPMv business model, is introduced to elevate your ROI. Pay only for real impressions by real people and…

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Sneaking Up on the Industry One Business Partner At A Time

Our friends at  recently took time out do a profile on Grand Slam Media. For years we have kept a rather low profile as we were simply focused on making deals but now, as our business and our lifestyle event (HOUSE OF SLAM) is making noise, we figure it is a good time to have…

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XBIZ Traffic Services Company of the Year Nomination

We woke up to some incredible news this morning!  We have been nominated for TRAFFIC SERVICES COMPANY OF THE YEAR – NORTH AMERICA for the 2015 XBIZ Awards! THANK YOU to all of our #publishers and #advertisers who make it possible for us to continue doing what we love and for recognizing us for such an…

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