Don’t You Want to Know the Status of Your Health?

Anyone who has been to a tradeshow or read a few traffic broker websites is well aware of the big promises that many reps make about their ability to improve the ROI of your ad campaigns… but how many of them actually provide you with proof? With Campaign Bid Health stats, Adnium shows you if you’re losing or winning just by looking at your own campaign list!

“We see this level of statistical reporting as the key element of proving Adnium isn’t just the next ad platform, because Adnium is actually the next generation of ad platforms,” said CEO Luke Hazlewood. “We show you what you did earn, right next to showing you what you could have earned, and we do that because we are confident that Adnium tools and support will empower you to earn the most from every ad spend consistently.”

Adnium continues to improve the ability of Advertisers and Publishers to track their own success at every step of the traffic acquisition process to remove the uncertainties and subjective guesses or gut hunches from the equation. When you rely on the numbers and have proof right in front of your eyes, you get the peace of mind that only comes from knowing you took left nothing on the table to earn every dollar products and services are worth. Contact your Adnium Account Exec today and learn more about the Campaign Bid Health system that is already included in your account right now!

Posted on November 5, 2015 in Education, News

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